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  Manufacturers & Specialist in : Cylinder Head for Diesel Engine & Compressor.
Moonrise Industries
Moonrise Industries is a leading manufacturer of various Cylinder Head & Block. The company established in 1967 with a Lister Cylinder Head. Today we have vast range of Cylinder Heads & Blocks for various types of Automobiles Engines, Diesel Generator Sets, Marine Engines, Air Compressors, Rail Engines & Agro Engines Applications. Today we have become a giant company with support of our reputed customers.
Our stringent quality standards conforming to “OE” standards enable us to guarantee you
100 % satisfaction for entire range of products. We offer High Quality products to meet stringent performance standard for your requirements.

Strict quality control measures are undertaken...
  Industries we serve
O.E.M. and after-market parts and accessories suitable for, or interchangeable with the
following industries:
- Automobile Engines
- Marine Engines
- Rail Engines
- D.G. Sets

- Air Compressors
- Agro Engines
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